Pointless trick that is not so pointless…

One of the things I always teach my dogs is the “touch” cue. It is as simple as it gets – they touch their noses to my palm, and, voilà, that’s it. I know, hardly a trick you can show off at a party. No fireworks. Booooring. But… before you cross it out, consider the deeper effects of this, I admit, rather unspectacular command. Read More

Ho Ho Home…

This handsome young boy was waiting for me outside a 24/7 shop on a Saturday night. I was there with my girls, preparing for a night of poker, drinks and fun. But first, we needed to store up for the party. And, in front of the 24/7 shop, there he was. Fluffy, hungry and looking at us with curiosity.
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Hop to it!

A very common picture is dog owners screaming, flailing their arms around, shouting “No, no, no!”, “Stop!”, “Bad boy!” while their dog jumps around them like a mad kangaroo. It is dangerous, it is annoying, and it ruins your outfit. The solution is simple and efficient, so, let’s hop to it! Read More

Dogs for beginners

We decided to devise a short leaflet to give out to our adoption applicants, a mini-manual one might call “Dogs for dummies” 😉 Of course this will never replace good books and a professional dog school, but, it is an introduction and a necessary minimum. I squeezed and squeezed all the things I wanted to say until I came up with a 2-page leaflet. Read More


Ladies and gents (this is me boldly assuming there is an audience…) let me present to you the 7 precious and just a little stinky puppies staying with me. As there is 7 of them, the natural association is the biblical number of perfection, 7 wonders or… Disney’s 7 dwarfs! Here they come!

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